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June 17, 2018

Thank you Rev. Susan Allman for filling in for Nancy today. Nancy is attending PCUSA General Assembly in St. Louis this week.

Father’s Day Brunch “Donuts for Dad” is today right after worship. Everyone is invited!

PCUSA 223rd General Assembly begins on Saturday June 16 in St Louis, Missouri. Delegates from all the Presbyteries in the United States will be present along with hundreds of others, to discuss issues and make decisions related to how we operate as Presbyterian Christians in our world today. Many overtures will be presented and many opinions will be voiced. Only the approximately 500 delegates from the Presbyteries will vote. Please pray for God’s wisdom and direction for the Assembly and for those who represent Presbyterians throughout the United States. Please also pray for our Utah delegation which includes Pastor Nancy, Barbara White from Cottonwood Presbyterian, Jeff Silliman our Presbytery Executive, and Candice Sweet, our Presbytery’s Stated Clerk.

The Community Patriotic Concert choir are rehearsing every Sunday night for the July 3 event. If you would like to participate, please plan to come to the tonight at 7 p.m. at Christ the King Catholic church. All singers are welcome, no auditions needed! Harry Taylor is the conductor of this choir. Other rehearsal dates are available and more information by contacting Harry at taylorachi@gmail.com or Kent Myer kentandcherie@gmail.com

We are recruiting NEW USHERS! Are you willing to help one Sunday a month for 2 hours? Contact Jeff McCoy at (702) 301-9115 or jeffery.j.mccoy@gmail.com.

An opportunity to serve! There are open dates on the calendar for YOU to volunteer to help with coffee fellowship time in the next several months. Please look for the sign up sheet on the Fellowship Hall bulletin board. Remember that you can sign up to set up & make coffee, to bring food, OR to help with clean up. We need many hands to make this a wonderful time of connecting with each other as we enjoy Sunday treats. If no one signs up for a specific Sunday, we will have coffee only. Thanks for participating!

Have you seen? Check out the monthly financial report on the session bulletin board.

Treasures Thrift Store. We continue to encourage more CPC people to volunteer at Treasures! The store is open for business Thursday, Friday and Saturday and prep days are Tuesday and Wednesday. Volunteer once a week or a couple of times a month! Please call Sonya Swatsley 435-590-1432 or pick up a volunteer application in the church office. WE NEED YOU! If you have large items to donate that need to be picked up, please call Fred Hite 435-559-0065

There’s an app for that! Yes, you can donate from your phone anywhere, anytime. Go to your app store and download “give +”. You can create an account using the same account information that you’ve already set up through our website or start new. Need help? Contact Jeanine Howells at 590-1934.

Per Capita Contributions. Community Presbyterian Church is part of the Utah Presbytery, the Synod of the Rocky Mountains and the General Assembly of the PC (USA) in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2018 our church will contribute $38.32 for each of our members to help support these governing bodies of the church: $26.00 to the Presbytery, $6.32 to the Synod, and $6.00 to the General Assembly. If you are able, please contribute your part to the per capita fund. Checks can be made payable to CPC; mark per capita in the memo. There are marked envelopes in the pew. Thank you!

Prayer Shawl Ministry. They will meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 9:45-10:45 am in the conference room to knit or crochet winter hats for school children. Next meeting is Tuesday, June 19. All are welcome!

Martha Circle will meet June 21. Contact Sonya Swatsley at 435-590-1432 for more information

Donations for Fellowship are welcome! We have a jar for cash donations. If you want to donate plates, cups or napkins, please buy paper rather than plastic or Styrofoam. Thank you!

Please Pray. Song Wiebusch; Kim Fiero; Patt Behrens;; Lorraine Lilley; Jan Hite, Peggy Dahl, Eric Consolo and family, (bereaved for Sue); Janet DeFever; (bereaved for Lee) Peggy Studley (bereaved for Mike Davies); Steve and Kay Fish (bereaved for grandson Anthony).

Church Calendar

June 17,—June 24, 2018

17 Sunday

10:00 am Worship & Communion

11:15 am Donuts for Dad Brunch

Noon Great World Religions Class

19 Tuesday

8:30 am NO Bible and Brew

9:45 am Prayer Shawl Ministry

21 Thursday

1:00 pm Martha Circle

3:00 pm NO John Bible Study

24 Sunday

10:00 am Worship

11:15 am Coffee Fellowship

Noon Great World Religions Class

Today’s Worship Leaders and Fellowship Hosts

10:00 am

Praise Team Director Linda Johnson

Accompanist Harry Taylor

Liturgist Dana Covey

Readers Dana Covey, Klaus Stetzenbach,

Nadine Hansen, Jim Howells

Children’s message Linda Stetzenbach

Coffee Fellowship Donuts for Dad Brunch 

     Community Presbyterian Session

Class of 2019  Lynne Brown, Dianne Morrison, Rita Osborn

Class of 2020  Mary Belle Royer

Class of 2021  Linda Stetzenbach, Brad Phelps, Dana Covey

     Community Presbyterian Board of Deacons

          Deacons: Ruth Kinney, Debbie Vogel, Ann Johnson,

Shepherds: Kathie Duca, Carla Spaulding, Les & Elaine Holland, Sonya & John Swatsley, Gen Phelps, Dennis Gregz, Mary Shurtleff, Audrey Lebbon, Laura Cotts, Peggy Dahl

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